Kids’ Station is a Plattsburgh, NY business based on learning through play

Kids’ Station, a children’s museum in Plattsburgh, New York, is in the business of encouraging children to learn through fun activities and exhibits.

This project is supported by a grant awarded to Mountain Lake PBS by New York State’s Empire State Development and the I Love NY Division of Tourism under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council Initiative.

True Life: I’m an English Teacher




This documentary was made in order to give a brief look into the lives of our English teachers at monona grove high school. We also wanted to give students a look at all of what their teachers really do day to day.

This was a project for my writing thru film final that I made with my friends. It took us about 3 weeks but finally its all done and we had a blast! Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and friends who made this video possible! Hope you enjoy!

Career Advice on becoming a Teacher & Deputy Head by Chris H (Full Version)


Chris H is a Teacher and Deputy Head of Fairstead House School, Newmarket. He was a scientist in cancer research, working with tissue samples, “I can remember getting a sample and it was a 23 year old male who had obviously died from this cancer and it was just something in that and I thought I want life around me. I want living around me.” So he became a teacher instead.