Workforce Skills Gap

Every year, colleges and universities graduate thousands students looking to join the workforce.  But are they prepared?  With such an apparent abundance of available talent, why do many employers continue to complain about a “skills gap” and a lack of qualified candidates to fill positions?

Is it higher education’s mission to prepare graduates with the skills they need (and that employers want) for the 21st century?  Is there a disconnect between academia and the working world?  Should our colleges adapt to train more work-ready graduates?

Join our panel of experts from local colleges and businesses to tackle the question, “What do employers want?”

True Life: I’m an English Teacher




This documentary was made in order to give a brief look into the lives of our English teachers at monona grove high school. We also wanted to give students a look at all of what their teachers really do day to day.

This was a project for my writing thru film final that I made with my friends. It took us about 3 weeks but finally its all done and we had a blast! Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and friends who made this video possible! Hope you enjoy!

Career Advice on becoming a Teacher & Deputy Head by Chris H (Full Version)


Chris H is a Teacher and Deputy Head of Fairstead House School, Newmarket. He was a scientist in cancer research, working with tissue samples, “I can remember getting a sample and it was a 23 year old male who had obviously died from this cancer and it was just something in that and I thought I want life around me. I want living around me.” So he became a teacher instead.